Lowest Price Sensus 5lb 2″ Cal. King Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

By Cody Barbara On February 15, 2012 Under Atlantic Beds 

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Rating: 0 5 Lowest Price Sensus 5lb 2 Cal. King Memory Foam Mattress Topper  Reviews

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5lb 2″ featuring ουr mοѕt luxurious Visco Elastic Memory Foam іח 5 lb. density. SleepWarehouse memory foam pads аrе сυt tο full size, ѕο don’t settle fοr overstock, remenant pads tһаt аrе сυt smaller tһеח уουr mattress. Tһе Ultimate іѕ tһе mοѕt extravagant mattress wе offer. It іѕ comparable tο those Swedish products tһаt аrе advertised nationally, bυt available аt tһе SleepWarhouse fοr hundreds οf dollars less. Frοm a function standpoint, tһе 5 lb toppe…. Click Here To Read More->

Take Look At AƖƖ Tһе Features:

  • Sensus 5lb 2″ Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Sensus frοm SleepWarehouse voted #1 bу Wall Street Journal
  • Temperature sensitive ѕƖοw recovery Memory Foam tһаt contours tο match уουr body’s shape
  • Cυt tο full size- 84″x72″x2″
  • Mаԁе іח tһе USA-Hypoallergenic

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  1. Savvy Shopper
    February 15, 2012
    11:38 pm
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than most toppers – but a little over-hyped., May 17, 2007
    Savvy Shopper (USA) –
    This review is from: Sensus 5lb 2″ Cal. King Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Kitchen)

    About five years ago, when our Simmons Beautyrest (plush) mattress started to develop body indentions (after only 3 years of ownership and plenty of mattress rotating/flipping) we bought a 1.25″ (unknown density) memory foam topper for about $50 when memory foam toppers first started becoming popular. It really seemed to help make our mattress more comfortable. Then after about 3 years we felt like our topper no longer felt as firm and resilient so we “upgraded” to a 2″ toppper (unknown density) for about $75. The 2″ topper actually seemed more uncomfortable than the 1.25″ topper since it had more give and halfway through the night you found yourself sleeping in a crater (just like our mattress was without a topper). Plus the 2″ topper was much “hotter” to sleep on then the 1.25″. We ended up swapping back to the original 1.25″ topper and put the 2″ to use in the guest room.

    Three months ago we ended up realizing the “body indentions” in our mattress was so bad that we needed a new mattress. The mattress warranty company agreed and we received a replacement mattress. After doing some research we decided that instead of buying a plush mattress (which we liked the comfort of but which seem to be so soft that they develop body indentions sooner than the firm mattresses) that we would would instead buy a firm mattress and a nice, high quality topper with the thinking that the topper would wear out in 2-4 years but at least if we went with a firm mattress that the mattress itself would resist indentions longer than if we went with a plush mattress.

    So after doing some research and reading various reviews I decided to select the Sensus 5lb 2″ topper. I also considered the Aerus topper for its temperature properties but the folks at Sleep Warehouse mentioned it did have more give to it and I also read a review from someone on another site who said they did sink down in it quite a bit (I know some people want their memory foam to have more give – we just don’t like sleeping in a large crater).

    After having the Sensus on a brand new Simmons Beautyrest Firm Mattress I can say the following:

    1) At 5lb density the Sensus foam is much firmer than any of the previous toppers we had. I would estimate our old 1.25 inch topper was probably 3-4 lb density and our 2″ topper was proabably 2-3lb density.

    2) The initial smell was not too bad – we did air it out in the guest room for a week before using it. I would recommend doing the same.

    3) It is warmer then our 1.25 inch topper but a little less warm than our cheap 2″ topper. Might be an issue when July/Aug rolls around if you do not have A/C.

    4) After you have been laying on it for a while (1hr or longer) as the topper gets heated up from your body heat you do start to sink down. For us not as much as we did on our cheap 2″ topper but certainly more than we did on our 1.25″ topper. This is our only real complaint – that when you wake up in the morning you feel like you have slept in a crater or body indention – some people like that – we just like when it conforms to your body slightly not sinking way down.

    So if I had to do it all over again I would have probably searched for a high quality topper that was thinner – say 1 or 1.5 inches thick. That way we would not sink down so much (and it would probably be cooler as well). If the Sensus came in a 1″ or 1.5″ configuration I would probably go with that but unfortunately right now 2″ is the minimum. They do now offer the Venus 8lb density topper in 1″ but that is almost 50% more expensive and I’m not so sure if an 8lb density foam would be too stiff … especially on top of a firm mattress. A 5lb 1″ topper would be ideal.

    If I had paid less than $150 for this topper I would say it was worth every penny but at $260ish I wouldn’t say it was that much more superior in comfort to the 1.25 inch $50 topper we used to have. I know they have improved the technology so that these toppers are able to retain their memory characteristics longer but I am still thinking that anytime you lay on something (bed, couch, chair, topper, car seat, pillow tops) for 6-8 hours per day times 365 days a year it is going to degrade. But in our opinion it was cheaper to go through a toppper every few years than the mattress/box spring. And yes we also considered a Select Comfort air mattres system but after reading all the stuff written about it on Epinions and the complaints on BBB we decided that even those developed problems over time.

    Hopefully our experiment of going with a firm mattress that won’t wear out as fast as the base and going with a “replaceable” sleeping surface as the top layer will pay off in the long run. Stay tuned. Too bad there isn’t a better solution out there which doesn’t cost as much as a used car.

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